Bronchitis – Anthony Leonard

I took the Beginner’s Workshop in November 2011. Since then I have been steadily practising the Method and have attended Advanced Classes. During this time there have been profound changes in my state of health, some of which I mention below. Most of my life I have suffered from bouts of bronchitis. This has completely cleared up. My breathing is quiet and easy – what a joy! My heart rhythm ... Read More »

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia – Joe Morrell

Joe Morrell grew up on a farm. Exposed to agri-chemicals he developed symptoms that included seizures, constipation, jaundice, anxiety, depression and ADHD. He appeared to grow out of most of these issues However, at the age of 39, he had his home treated for woodworm. Already sensitised to pesticides, this triggered symptoms of acute chemical poisoning, including fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscl... Read More »

Chronic Asthma and Bronchiectasis – Louise Anderson

My name is Louise Anderson, and I have been practising Buteyko for over 4 years. My symptoms before doing the practise were chronic asthma and bronchiectasis or lung damage. I needed a dose of oral steroids every 4-6 weeks as well as regular doses of antibiotics and stays in hospital including intensive care. I was not able to walk very far and was living a very restricted life. Since practising B... Read More »

M.S, Severe Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Frequent Infections – Sarah Dennis

I have M.S, had severe depression, anxiety, insomnia and frequent infections. I tried many alternative therapies but nothing worked and I eventually, out of desperation gave in to medical drugs. Buteyko has enabled me to take control of my health by stabilising and reducing the symptoms of M.S; I am no longer anxious and depressed and have stopped all medication. My immune system is much stronger ... Read More »

Asthma – Pam Gonsalves

The Buteyko method of breathing has completely transformed my life. I have used inhalers for many many years, to relieve my asthma symptoms. With Buteyko I am on the way to giving up all medication for GOOD! Read More »

ME – Bernadette

Bernadette developed M.E in 1998 after a bout of shingles I was working as a Headteacher in a primary school. Instead of taking time off to recover from shingles, as instructed by my G.P, I went straight back to work to prepare for an imminent Ofsted inspection. Although the inspection went well, I became increasingly unwell and, despite various alternative treatments such as acupuncture I never r... Read More »

Arthritis and bad back – Louise B.

Louise is a yoga teacher in her 60s who has been practicing Buteyko for the past nine months. She knew about the Breathing Method since the 1990s when she had watched the Sally Magnussen Buteyko documentary about it on QED. When Louise was a child she had suffered from asthma so she understood the benefit the Buteyko Method could be for those with asthma but has been astonished how it has affected... Read More »

Asthma, sinusitis and fatigue – Kath

Kath reverses 20 years of sinus pain, irritability and fatigue Kath was 3 weeks into an ear infection brought on by a swine flu jab when she bumped into Martha Roe at a natural health centre. At 38 Kath was tired of feeling constantly sick. She had been in sinus pain since getting brittle asthma when she was 17. And from her early 30s she could feel her condition deteriorating.  Acupuncture, light... Read More »

Asthma – Louise

Louise has suffered from severe asthma and breathing problems since she was a baby. She was frequently hospitalised throughout her teens. And her asthma got worse after her two daughters were born – putting her in intensive care. Louise’s first stab at Buteyko gave her instant results but she couldn’t keep up the momentum on her own. Second time around with LearnButeyko, she is still well two year... Read More »

Bronchiectasis and asthma – Karen

Karen reverses 3 years of lung damage in 3 months When Karen Davidson was diagnosed with a serious lung condition in 2004 she was devastated. The self-made businesswoman was only 39. She’d just met new partner Alessandro. And the couple were desperate to have a child together – as company for Karen’s daughter Atlanta.But doctors warned Karen that getting pregnant could be a big strain on her healt... Read More »

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