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Within our group are amongst the most experienced and qualified Buteyko Practitioners in the world today. Our Consultants and Senior Practitioners deal exclusively with the most serious conditions and provide ongoing support and supervision for Associate Practitioners and Facilitators.

Vladimir Sukhonosov PhD (Senior Consultant)

Vladimir commenced his training with Professor Buteyko in 1979 to treat his allergies and a heart condition. He left his position as the head of the mathematical faculty of the University of Kemerove, to work and train under Alexander Stalmatsky, Dr Sheveiev and Sergei Luzgin – giving workshops all over the Soviet Union.

In 1985 he received his diploma from Professor Buteyko who appointed him to manage the vast Kuszbass region (Eastern Siberia) wherein he supervised workshops for thousands of people in factories, chemical plants and mining operations. He became one of the most experienced Russian Buteyko Practitioners — with a particular interest in complex and serious disorders.

Professor Buteyko awarded him with one of only several “Audit Diplomas” In which he was authorized to check the work of other practitioners. He also practiced in the UK for five years.

Christopher Drake (Senior Practitioner)

Christopher was the first “Westem” practitioner to receive diploma accreditation from Professor Buteyko, whilst under the supervision of his teacher Alexander Stalmatsky.

In 1991. he co-founded the first authorized Buteyko Clinic in “West’. in Sydney. Australia and participated in the first published medical trials. He introduced the method to the UK in 1996, wherein his results attracted major publicity. He has taught over 16.000 students in Australia. UK, US, Europe and Asia. He divides his time between Europe and Asia.

Jac Vidgen (Senior Practitioner)

Jac started training with Alexander Staimatsky in Sydney. Australia in 1993 and was one of the first “Westem‘ practitioners to be awarded diploma accreditation from Professor Buteyko. He started work at the Buteyko Clinic in Sydney and lor some years assisted in workshops all over the country – wherein he gained experience with thousands of patients.

Jac introduced the method to Asia. wherein his results attract regular publicity. He conducts workshops in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Martha Roe (Associate Practitioner)

Martha became involved with Buteyko in 2007 to treat her chronic fatigue. and did so well at mastering the method personally and reversing her health problems. she was invited to train as a practitioner by her teacher, Christopher Drake.

Martha regularly holds workshops in the UK and Ireland and has developed a solid practice built on excellent results and has assisted in the treatment of numerous severe health conditions. Manna has been a driving force in establishing the Classical Buteyko Method in the UK and Ireland and has been appointed to head the Buteyko for Kids program.

Pipat Pokiaw (Senior Facilitator)

Pipat was one of the first Buteyko students In Thailand and has managed to develop an exceptional standard of personal practice. He assists Vladimir and Christopher for serious cases and within the administration of the IAOBP. He is based in Thailand.


Thea Dannenburq (Senior Facilitator)

Thea began involvement by learning the BIBH approach to Buteyko’s Method for her own debilitating chronic health problems. In 2011 she began practicing the Classical Buteyko Method and managed to obtain the results she and reverse her underlying health problems. She works in the UK and the Netherlands, running presentations and workshops, with a particular interest in children within the Buteyko for Kids program.

Kostas Kapelas (Associate Facilitator)

Kostas has a very keen interest in all aspects of health and nutrition and has trained in many modalities. He Is based in the UK and will be representing the IAOBP in Greece. He has Interests in the treatment of serious health problems and for the treatment of children within the Buteyko for Kids program.


Beata Januszczak (Associate Facilitator)

Beata was Introduced to the Classical Buteyko Method In 2011 and managed to develop a hlgh level of personal practice. She has a keen interest In the treatment of serious chronic health problems for both adults and chlldren. She is based In Ireland.


Joe Morrell (Associate Facilitator)

Joe halls from Yorkshire and learnt the method in 2011. After managing to overcome a decade of fatigue from chemical exposure, he is an enthusiastic proponent and has a keen interest to make it more available to others.