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The IAOBP practice system is based on Professor Buteyko’s management of practitioners and patients.

The idea that a practitioner can be trained in a number of weeks or months and then be permitted to independently treat patients using Buteyko’s Method is a phenomena which arose in the “West” and is completely alien to the system which Professor Buteyko developed.

Before even training as a practitioner, Professor Buteyko demanded that prospective practitioners achieve a high level of personal skill with his method and reverse their own chronic health problems, before attempting to teach others.

Professor Buteyko’s system was based on practitioners taking responsibility according to their qualification and experience. Senior Practitioners would supervise junior practitioners and qualifications would only be awarded after practitioners had proved their proficiency.

A practitioner would usually be certified after two years of work – they would then receive a diploma, usually after another 5 years of supervised work.

IAOBP Practitioners, Associate Practitioners and Facilitators are required to submit details of every student they teach to the IAOBP patient review panel before they commence working with any student. The panel will decide if they are sufficiently qualified to manage the case or if it requires supervision or assistance from a more qualified practitioner.

Within the IAOBP we have a Senior Buteyko Consultant, Mr Vladimir Sukhonosov, who worked with Professor Buteyko from the mid 1970’s and has two diplomas issued by Professor Buteyko, the first is a practitioner diploma and the second an audit diploma which authorized him to check the work of other practitioners.

We also have two Senior Buteyko practitioners, Christopher Drake and Jac Vidgen who have received practitioner diplomas from Professor Buteyko and who have been teaching the method from the mid 1990’s.