IAOBP | Bronchitis - Anthony Leonard - IAOBP

Anthony-Leonard-1of2I took the Beginner’s Workshop in November 2011. Since then I have been steadily practising the Method and have attended Advanced Classes. During this time there have been profound changes in my state of health, some of which I mention below.

Most of my life I have suffered from bouts of bronchitis. This has completely cleared up. My
breathing is quiet and easy – what a joy! My heart rhythm has become more regular and I notice after practice how silky smooth my pulse feels.

As was expected, I have been through various healing reactions. Having been forewarned, I was able to move through these without undue concern or resistance knowing that I was on the path to better health.

In common with others, I have found my eating and drinking preferences changing quite naturally and for the better. I seem to be more in touch with my body and its needs.

Perhaps the biggest gain for me is just feeling more centred and so able to handle whatever comes up in day-to-day living with greater ease – taking life in my stride and finding smarter solutions.

Doing the practice takes persistence but for me the motivation was there as I received the benefits. As a result of my experience, I would encourage anybody who is over-breathing (which means most people) to look into the Method.