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Louise is a yoga teacher in her 60s who has been practicing Buteyko for the past nine months. She knew about the Breathing Method since the 1990s when she had watched the Sally Magnussen Buteyko documentary about it on QED.

When Louise was a child she had suffered from asthma so she understood the benefit the Buteyko Method could be for those with asthma but has been astonished how it has affected so many other aspects of her life since she has been practicing the exercises.

What drove Louise to try the exercises herself was a niggling feeling of not being the best she could be. She had always slept lightly and was constantly tired, however within weeks of starting the programme Louise felt herself having deep restful nights and even needing less time asleep. Correspondingly her mood shifted from moody to becoming more upbeat and generally feeling happier.

Her body’s reaction to the new method of breathing brought out a multitude of cleansing reactions in Louise, from aching joints to a wildly fluctuating temperature. After three rather painful weeks of these deep cleansing reactions, Louise emerged the other side with renewed vigor. She was surprised to find she no longer fancied an occasional glass of wine to relax and her appetite decreased resulting in losing ten pounds.

A few years ago Louise’s arthritis and severe back problems had become so painful that she resorted to having her hip replaced. Now after starting the Buteyko Method she is now pleased to say she is almost pain free.

Another benefit for Louise is the deeper spiritual aspect of the Buteyko Method that has also affected her yoga. She believes the meditation has helped her become more connected to her self. Louise concludes with deep satisfaction “I am living in the now.”