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Louise-Anderson-6cm-150x150Louise has suffered from severe asthma and breathing problems since she was a baby. She was frequently hospitalised throughout her teens. And her asthma got worse after her two daughters were born – putting her in intensive care.

Louise’s first stab at Buteyko gave her instant results but she couldn’t keep up the momentum on her own. Second time around with LearnButeyko, she is still well two years later, and keeping up the practice. Retraining her breathing has helped when all else has failed – including macrobiotic diet, alternative medicines and Harley St consultations.

First stab at Buteyko – hard to keep it up

Louise had her first stab at Buteyko 15 years ago – inspired by seeing LearnButeyko’s Christopher Drake on TV. Louise went to a workshop led by another practitioner in London. The initial results were great. But they tailed off after a few years.

Before the wrokshop Louise had been too wheezy to walk at times. Within three days of doing the workshop she could breathe through her nose for the first time in years and within three months was striding up one of the steepest known streets in Sussex near her home. She tried to continue with her breathing exercises once a day as instructed, but the results tailed off and she stoppped practising.

2nd time lucky with LearnButeyko

In 2008, a good friend suggested Louise go to a introductory lecture led by Martha Roe and Christopher Drake. Martha’s approach was far more hands-on than the previous practitioner’s had been. Instead of running on two weekends, LearnButeyko’s workshop runs for 5 consecutive days. Louise was expected to practise four times a day. And she received twice daily phone calls and encouragement from Martha. When Louise was too ill to walk, Martha even came to work with her at home.

“Martha was stern but encouraging, She helped me see how serious my condition was,” says Louise. “I knew what the benefits could be. There wasn’t a question about giving up again. I did not have a choice if I was to continue living.”

Over two years, Louise has gradually been able to cut back from practising four times a day to twice a day and is still maintaining the benefits.

“It is hard work, but if you are in a situation of life or death, it is worth making that effort. I have got my life back,” says Louise.

Louise’s two teenage daughters have learnt the Buteyko Method with Martha. The elder has improved her asthma, and the younger daughter staves off migraines through daily Buteyko practice.