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A Breath of Fresh Air (from South China Morning Post, HongKong)

A breath of fresh air South China Morning Post (HK) – Monday March 4 2002 A controversial respiratory technique is providing relief to Hong Kong residents lucky enough to have discovered the ‘miracle cure’. Amanda Watson reports ‘I COUGH FOR UP TO two hours at a time. There are nights when I can’t read my children a book at bedtime because I just go into these spasms.... Read More »

Breathtaking news (from Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle Section)

Breathtaking news By Cathy Babao Guballa Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lifestyle, May 01, 2001 ASTHMA is no joking matter. Parents of asthmatic children go through hell each time a child experiences an attack. The summer months are particularly difficult – the deadly combination of heat and smog certainly have a deleterious effect on the health of these children. In the Philippines for a series... Read More »

Buteyko Breathing (from South China Morning Post, HongKong)

South China Morning Post.  Features.  Monday, February 19, 2001 BUTEYKO BREATHING Dr Rose Ong  As a first-time mother, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was to watch my toddler gasping for breath during an acute asthmatic attack. With the worsening air pollution problem in Hong Kong, it was enough to send me running to the drug store to stock up on bronchodilator and steroid inha... Read More »

Air Apparent (from Sunday Inquirer Magazine, Philippines)

By Joy Rojas from the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, August 06, 2000 Issue A DVOCATES swear it reduces asthma attacks almost to the point of nonexistence. Others attest it’s relieved them of allergies, coughs, clogged noses, sneezing, snoring, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress and hypertension. In one extreme incident, it’s even believed to have brought back the monthly period of ... Read More »

Small Breaths of Fresh Air (from Thailand Tattler Magazine, Thailand)

SMALL BREATHS OF FRESH AIR We are normally told to breathe in deeply to get oxygen into the lungs. The man who started a new breathing technique says that for therapeutic results, the oppposite is true. By DJ Bee, Thailand Tattler December 1999 Issue As a radio DJ here in Thailand I’m quite used to being told that I talk too much but I must say I was a little taken aback when I met Jac Vidge... Read More »

Teaching Asia To Breathe (from Indochina Traveller Magazine, Thailand)

Teaching Asia to Breathe Thailand Indochina Traveller August 1999 issue Asia’s cities are choking their inhabitants – and visitors – but you don’t need a face mask or ventilator to cope with the allergies, asthma and smog. Don Schultz tries the revolutionary Buteyko breathing technique as it becomes available in Southeast Asia. Even cosmonauts do Buteyko. In Bangkok, itR... Read More »

Waiting To Exhale (from Bangkok Metro Magazine, Thailand)

ISSUE No: 48 July 1998 SECTION: Features WRITER: Phil Cornwel-Smith Waiting to Exhale Did you know we’re all mildly hyperventilating? Phil Cornwel-Smith learns from the Buteyko method how breathing less can cure asthma, allergies, stress and even snoring. “You don’t need to wear a mask in Bangkok if you know how to breathe” “Though some results are miraculous, they... Read More »

Asthma Under Attack (from The Bulletin, Australia)

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Controlling Asthma (from New Idea Magazine, Australia)

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Breathless (from BBC’s QED)

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