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A Shorter Intake of Breath – The Independent Newspaper (UK), 10th June 1996

Hundreds of asthma sufferers claim the Buteyko method has changed their lives. So why does the medical establishment seem suspicious of it? Every four minutes a child is admitted to hospital with a severe asthma attack. Over the next few months the figure is likely to be even higher as pollen counts rise and the weather stays unsettled. We are in the middle of a mysterious asthma epidemic – the nu... Read More »

Could This Mean the End of the Inhaler? – Daily Mail (UK National Newspaper)

Tuesday May 16, 1996 New breathing technique aims to replace drugs. After being warned by the government to stay at home to avoid the recent bad air pollution, Britain’s 3 million asthma sufferers will be eager to hear of a treatment that has just started in this country. The Buteyko method teaches asthmatics to control their symptoms using a breathing technique, rather than conventional drugs. Am... Read More »

Member of Parliament Backs Method by James Hughes-Onslow, The Daily Express, Tues 18th June 1996

A Hacking cough echoed throughout the service in St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster. I apologised for my son’s ashtmatic wheezing to MP Johnathon Aitken, who was sitting in the pew in front. An asthma sufferer himself, Mr. Aitken took a sympathetic view. He recommended me to Christopher Drake of London’s Hale Clinic, where he learned the breathing exercises which enabled him to give up his inhaler... Read More »

Wonder Cure from Russia is Ahead by a Nose by James Hughes-Onslow, The Daily Express, 6th August 1996

Forcing your lungs to breathe less when you are gasping requires discipline. Professor Buteyko was brutal, taping patients’ mouths shut so they had to breathe through their noses. That’s how they did things in Soviet Russia. At the Hale Clinic near Harley St., Chris Drake, who learned the Buteyko method in Russia and practised it in Australia, tells patients to breathe through their noses whenever... Read More »

Stop This Asthma Disgrace by James Hughes-Onslow, The Daily Express 6th August 1996

The Health Secretary, Stephen Dorrell, has announced a five-year, 5 million (UK pound) research programme to identify the cause of asthma. “There is no cure for asthma,” says a spokesman for the National Asthma Campaign. “One thing is certain: the outlook for asthma research has never looked so good.   Yes, asthma research is doing well – it has a rosy future. But, sadly, asthmatics do not. O... Read More »

Doctors Gasp at Buteyko Success by Tony James Front Page of “Australian Doctor” 7/4/95

BUTEYKO breathing hyperventilation exercises in patients with asthma reduced beta agonist use by 90% and improved symptoms, according to preliminary results of a randomised, controlled trial in Brisbane. However, there were no changes in major physiological parameters such as peak flow rate or FEV1 in people using Buteyko breathing. The study was reported at a meeting of the Thoracic Society of Au... Read More »

Breathe freely if you have Asthma by Jerome Burne, The Sunday Telegraph, 31 December 1995

Asthma, as we all know, is a disease that prevents people getting enough air into their lungs, because the passageways close up. The trouble is we have got it completely wrong. Actually, asthma is the body’s way of saying: “You are breathing too deeply”. Learn to breathe more shallowly and the asthma will disappear. This apparently ridiculous idea is at the heart of a revolutionary new cure for th... Read More »

Asthma Under Attack by Russell Lander, The Bulletin (Australia) 8 October 1996

For 14 years I have been on asthma medication but on February 9 this year I threw out my spray and have remained drug-free and well for some six months.For those who suffer from chronic asthma, this assertion is likely to engender astonishment or extreme scepticism, as this now very common medical condition is generally regarded as intractable, requiring lifelong preventative drug treatment. Docto... Read More »

Breathe Easily, and Learn to Live Again by Sally Magnusson, The Herald, Glasgow, 12th August 1996

I have just watched a roomful of people who have suffered terribly from perhaps the most rampant disease of this generation, long thought to be incurable, begin to recover from it. Dramatically. Almost incredibly. Within five days. I am still reeling from the experience, still finding it hard to take in the possibility that my own son, whom I have been pumping full of asthma medication for five of... Read More »

Breathing Life Into Medical Theories by Sally Magnusson, The Herald, Scotland, Monday January 6 1997

When the BBC programme Frontline Scotland reveals the results of the two months it spent following the progress of asthma sufferers using the Buteyko breathing method, it will be reopening a medical controversy which has been simmering in Scotland for some months. Ever since the practitioners of the method, developed by the Russian professor Konstantin Buteyko, began their breathing classes in Gla... Read More »

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