IAOBP | Winter depression (SAD) – Assuntina - IAOBP

After meeting Martha one day and noticing how healthy and well she looked Assuntina came to one of Martha Roe’s introductory talks on the Buteyko Breathing Method.  She was inspired. She had been feeling generally run down, with continual colds and battling severe depression each the winter. She realised it was time to take herself in hand and to get the energy and verve back into her life. Within weeks of starting the breathing Exercises Assuntina could feel the benefits from learning how to breathe correctly. Her mind was agile again and she stopped sleeping in the afternoon.

Unfortunately she had lots of cleansing reactions from the beginning; a weekly migraine and a constantly streaming nose culminating in severe sinusitis. It was after this she really felt the benefits of Buteyko.

That winter she kept expecting the doldrums but was overjoyed to be full of bounding energy and enjoying the winter for a change.

Assuntina then brought her young asthmatic son to one of Martha’s workshops to help him strengthen his chronically weak chest and mentally prepare him for his forthcoming move to secondary school. Since the workshop a year ago he has maintained good health and not missed any days off school during the winter as had been usual. He is now able to forgo his inhaler and has barely had any asthma attacks.

The exercises were useful for other kinds of stress too. Before starting his new school he got very agitated. With his mother’s encouragement he practiced his breathing exercises and managed to prevent himself from having a panic attack.

They are both very proud of his improvement and self-confidence. He still continues with his exercises. It is a grind at times but he knows the benefits if he keeps it up. Assuntina has let things slip at times but always comes back to it.

It is a family thing for Assuntina and her son. They are both convinced of the benefits of the Buteyko Breathing Exercises and are great advocates about the improvements it has brought to their health and mental well-being.