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IMG_3805a-150x150Russell, an athletic man in his forties has been practicing the Buteyko Breathing Method for just over eight months. He led a healthy and physically active life and held the belief that he just wanted to be healthier. His girlfriend suggested attending one of the free lectures with Martha Roe and Christopher Drake that she had been told about by three different people within a day. Russell had seen a program on the benefits of Buteyko a few years earlier so they were keen to give it a try.

He was feeling amazing within the first month. Russell said “My mind was clear and I was coping with stresses from work so much better.” Martha guided Russell through the initial techniques and within six months he was ready to move on to the advanced levels with Christopher. The advanced Buteyko Method works on “The Fire Within” dealing with spiritual understanding of reality linked with the philosophy of Buddhism as well as maintaining optimum health. Russell’s training in psychology reinforces his belief in the ethics of mental health for well people.

Russell has continued his daily run and finds that breathing through his nose has helped make it a much more enjoyable experience. His partner has also continued with the exercises. They were astonished to find their appetites have changed and the attraction of sweets and biscuits has vanished. They both feel incredibly healthy and clear-headed.

Russell is confident that it is time for the Buteyko Method to be embraced by the medical profession particularly as the Buteyko Method stemmed from years of highly detailed medical research. “It is criminal that every asthma sufferer is not taught how to breathe with this method” he declared. “I will be talking with my GP about how important this is to everyday health. Buteyko Breathing makes the body better.”