IAOBP | Underactive thyroid – Sue - IAOBP

Sue is a gardener in her 50′s. She suffered from an early menopause and whirring head at age 37!

At age 48 she had many unexplainable niggling problems e.g. aching legs, falling asleep a lot at any time of day and diabetic like symptoms (needing to eat regularly).

This coincided with a steep decline in thyroxine levels, at which point the GP could diagnose the problem as Under-active thyroid – Hashimotos syndrome

Medication: Thyroxine 100mg/day

Control Pause when starting: 12 seconds. Average air intake 4 times more than is optimal

Control Pause after months of practice:54 seconds

Treatment: Buteyko Breathing Method Workshop plus a bit of extra help

After days of practice:

My head would feel more awake, (head whirring that precedes sleepiness was much reduced). I could stay awake deep into the night and didn’t need to eat every 2 hours.

After weeks of practice:

As above and I was generally able to sustain a lot more physical ctivity feeling much more alert. Niggling problems that weren’t addressed by thyroxine were solved, e.g. I had felt that I was deficient in some crucial vitamins or minerals. I started to lose some weight and can take or leave eating. I didn’t get severe cleansing reactions; Martha says because I am vegetarian and eat fairly well. (I did get about 2 hours of alarming excruciating pain where I broke my arm!)

After months of practice:

After 18 months, I suddenly lost all my fat!. (It did coincide with a major trauma). It has taken 18 months to put some weight back. Now 22 months on I have completely stopped taking thyroxine after gradually reducing the dose. Now I am hardly ever reminded of my under-active thyroid.

Occasionally, I would have a bad day when I would need to take some extra thyroxine. This particularly seemed to coincide with illness outbreaks e.g. swine flu or nororvirus. I had some minor symptoms which only lasted a day or so.