IAOBP | Stiff hip and overweight – Liz - IAOBP

Liz, a woman in her early fifties, started with the Buteyko Beathing Method just over a year ago. She was beginning to feel the effects of her age, especially a pronounced pain and stiffness in her hip and generally felt she could lose some weight.

Liz had tried going to the local gym and regularly attended exercise classes. Liz never felt committed to them and it didn’t shift the weight. In addition the family responsibilities were increasing as children grew up and her parents became much older and needed help too. It was all becoming a bit much to cope with.

When Liz started the Buteyko Breathing exercises she worked hard at the beginning and had strong support from Martha. It was a case of trusting something without knowing how it would actually benefit her in the long run.

As the weeks went on Liz realized she had less appetite and was feeling calmer about the stresses of family commitments. After following the specific exercises given she gradually discovered many improvements in her wellbeing and fitness.

A year later the change is much greater. Without needing to practice so intensively Liz now can not only maintain this better state but also see it continue to improve.

“The Buteyko Method has definitely given me a much-needed handle on life” Liz concludes.