IAOBP | Smoker’s cough and fatigue – Iza - IAOBP

Iza, Health conscious female executive, aged 50

Before I started the Buteyko exercises almost a year ago, I had been finding my age and lifestyle were starting to catch up with me. I had thought I was taking care of myself by eating a vegetarian diet, regularly swimming, jogging and relaxing with yoga. Now that I was fifty, I found the regular air travel that was necessary in my work was beginning to take its toll.

I also smoked occasionally, but began to have a smokers’ cough. The constant colds, mood swings and increasing stress associated with jet lag, constipation and all the other downsides of longhaul travel and a busy schedule began to wear me down.

Within days of starting the Buteyko workshop, I needed less sleep and the craving for sugary foods almost disappeared. I even found I was now being complimented on my revitalised appearance; less wrinkles and more energy!

Part of the Buteyko teachings included the suggestion to give up on physical exercise until I improved my breathing by lengthening the Control Pause. A Control Pause is the time that you can hold your breath until you feel the first impulse to breathe in again. This is an indication of the level of carbon dioxide CO2 level in the lungs, and the efficiency of the lungs to work for the benefit of the body.

Within five months of regular practice I had increased my CP over three times and my smokers’ cough was gone. I felt clear-headed, less hormonal and no longer suffered from jetlag.

After the intense Buteyko exercise regime at the start I now practice less often but the benefits remain. One of the techniques, Very Shallow Breathing, is now a natural part of my life while swimming, jogging and even walking to the station.

Because I still now longer crave sugar I have lost weight and find myself more relaxed, tolerant and more contented. I even can continue to enjoy my smoking in the knowledge that I’ll not end up wheezing.

Buteyko has revived my enjoyment in life.