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“I don’t hyperventilate as much anymore. On the few occasions that I do, I just do the exercises. I always feel much better afterwards. I rarely get headaches now and my overall well-being is so much better.

With my friend ,N., the change has been really dramatic! She’s very, very happy she took your workshop. After we wrote you regarding her cough and bout with the flu, she took your advice. She soon recovered completely and up to now, she hasn’t had a real asthma attack (just slight tightening of the chest which easily goes away with the exercises) and has never again resorted to the use of Ventolin. She does the exercises in the mornings in the car on the way to work. She’s now taking Flixotide only occasionally, maybe just one puff once a week (only when she feels she needs the support of some extra steroid).

Also, her constipation is completely gone, plus she no longer experiences dysmenorrhea with her monthly periods. And the best news is that several people have commented that her skin now looks so smooth and clear! Bet if you advertised this benefit, you’d get more women to take the Buteyko workshop!”