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JCPreviously healthy I contracted glandular fever at 24 years old. With misdiagnosis and four courses of antibiotics I went on to develop ME and over the past 5 years a respiratory allergy, chronic sinusitis and sugar imbalance.

Even though on a daily basis I felt unwell I continued to work and ploughed through daily only to feel exhausted and only fit for my bed at the end. I did socialise too but felt like I was dragging myself around.
Over the years I tried various therapies, diet, exercise, relaxation techniques they had some measure of success but never really made much difference to my health.

How I started

Through a friend I heard about Christopher Drake and Martha Roe and how Butekyo had produced some excellent results, especially with ME. I hadn’t tried anything for years but could feel more and more my body getting weaker (It was speaking more loudly to me) and I also seemed to be developing “add on” diseases. So more clearly than ever before I felt this was my time to get well. So I spoke with Martha and buoyed by her story and energy, I had a good look at the videos on the website. It was like these videos were speaking directly to me and the content and practice of Butekyo made such obvious sense that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t more widely known in the medical profession. I had never heard of it before.
I signed on to do a 5 day class in August 2011. What struck me immediately was the how healthy Christopher and Martha looked and how alive in spirit they seemed.

I started with a CP of 15 on day 1 and an MP of 20 which was pretty poor and just further magnified the dire state of my body and respiratory system. I found the breathing exercises difficult and my progress was slow. I started mini cleanses almost immediately. There is alot to cleanse.

Over three months later

After consistent practice four times a day I feel I’m heading in the right direction and feel like I’m genuinely on the right path to reverse all my chronic disease.

My CP is now 25-35 and I regularly hit an MP of 70-85

My blood sugar problems have almost reversed. This is so great – I was hungry all the time and it made me feel so ill. I have lost nearly a stone too which is great. I now eat little and often and don’t have to eat gigantic meals that I used to eat
The puffiness has decreased from my face due to my sinuses gradually improving. I sleep less and my energy is starting to improve (except when I’m cleansing)

My mood is starting to improve. I feel so much calmer and less stressed. I feel like I can tackle things in such a clear and calm way. I’m starting to feel a sense of inner calm that has eluded me

My muscles in my body seem stronger than before, and my breathing is becoming stronger. I’m less out of breath. I can do gentle swimming and cycling without heavy breathing. In fact with my mouth closed.

I used to mount the stairs like an old lady, breathing heavily but now I whizz up them. Not Zola Budd style but you know!

I do feel quite tired still whilst my body is repairing but the tiredness somehow seems more normal and less “wired “tired.

I have also noticed my allergy symptoms are becoming less protracted and severe

I have just come through my first major “Big Cleanse” from Buteyko which isn’t for the faint hearted by a sign things are starting to shift and my body is getting ready to expel all the nastiness inside.

Martha has been great throughout. Solid support. She understands what you go through as she has experienced it all herself. She knows how to alleviate the cleansing symptoms and will encourage you all the way. Martha will push you, but more importantly, she won’t let you give up on yourself and your practice. If you want to get better and end years of being “caged in “with your miserable diseases you have to take the Butekyo Challenge. It is a challenge and but have to be ready to make that change.

I’m glad I found Butekyo. Maybe it found me. If you believe that sort of thing!

I honestly think I’m on the right path and that I’m shedding my “ ill skin “ and getting my former self back …..Gradually.