IAOBP | Kerrie-Anne Rees, Taree, NSW, Australia - IAOBP

“I would, just like to send you my thanks Jac, for changing my life.. since doing Buteyko, I am a complete different person, I am now 35 kilo’s lighter as I am no longer Steroid dependant, I can breathe with ease and I feel terrific.

I have only been, on steroids once, since your workshop 12 months ago, My G.P. cannot believe the improvement in my Asthma, when I tell people I was a Chronic Asthmatic, for 26 years, and now they see, I am so healthy they can’t believe it either, I highly recommend Buteyko, to all who will listen.

I am currently down to 2 x flixotide daily, that is all the medication I am taking…. I can’t remember the last time I reached for my Ventolin puffer.. I have not been on my nebuliser machine for 12 months.

I no longer suffer, servere chest infections, I got through last winter without pneumonia or pleuracy, which is a great as I usually suffer with pneumonia most winters or pleuracy and I am then sick for most of winter, I am so well I am holding down full time employment in my teacher job.

I have been on two overseas trips since Buteyko, and it felt great not having to carry a machine around with me, on the plane or have it close by in case I began to have breathing difficulties.

Previous to Buteyko, it was such a hassle to go overseas as I had to pack a suitcase for clothes, and one for my machine and medication.. not to mention the high medical insurance I had to take incase I, was rushed to hospital.

My Control Pause is now 50 secs, not bad, for someone who, was struggling to hold their CP for 5 secs. when I first came to you for Buteyko.
I cannot thank you enough Jac, for giving me a new life, I feel fantastic… I have enclosed a picture of myself, to show you how healthy I look, now I am not bloated on Steroids,

Thank you Jac…”