IAOBP | K.E., Hong Kong - IAOBP

I was born with various disabilities while drugs & the birth trauma aggravated those challenges. I am profoundly deaf with low vision (myopia, macular & early cataract issues), moderate dyslexia & various structural challenges including the neck. It is early days, yet Buteyko Method is greatly transforming & rejuvenating my life in various ways. Life has always been challenging like when I am in public. I rely on the writing board, binoculars &/or digital camera to get around. Buteyko Method gives me more courage & confidence to face & resolve new experiences & challenges. For example, I took a new train route & located a new store. In the past, such experiences were very stressful. Nightly, I sleep better & need less sleep. Whenever I come home, I am calm & not wired up. Hearing & dyslexia is slowly improving. I have more vitality that I didn’t have for the past 4-5 yrs while various supplements were stopped &/or reduced. HK smog no longer bothers me thus it is a joy to hike in the hills. I am optimistic that in time, my disabilities & quality of life will improve as I integrate Buteyko in my daily life.