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This is my long overdue testimonial about the Buteyko method. I have been an asthmatic ever since I was in Preschool. This pretty much hampered my athletic activities when I was a kid because I could only do so much before I wore out from breathlessness and exhaustion. This went on through college; I had to take a minimum of 3 doses of my inhaler daily…even more if I had to engage in physical activities. A little bit of vehicle exhaust or smoke would trigger an attack. Then, I discovered the Buteyko method and attended the Ateneo sessions way back in 2001.

Though unconventional and drug free, the science makes sense and I followed through the steps diligently through the sessions. My asthma lessened the weeks thereafter and eventually I had weaned myself away from the inhaler. A year after I would only have my inhaler for emergency purposes. And 10 years after, I am still asthma free and now engage heavily in sports and body building – worry free.

…and I am guilty of not continuing with the actual breathing exercise routines after the first year! But my consciousness has changed….. Thanks Buteyko and Jac!