IAOBP | E.L. (Manila, Philippines - previously a quite severe asthmatic on several medications for asthma and rhinitis) - IAOBP

I found that at 11,000 ft. elevation when it was cold and rainy outside, I had to take it easy as I climbed steps. Once I went inside I had no difficulty. Now that I am back in Manila, my husband and I walk one and a half to three miles a day at a brisk pace to and from work. Sometimes we add 45 min. to an hour of walking in the evenings on to that.

Three days a week I exercise on a ball and then lift light weights (5 lbs). Every day I also do exercises to strengthen my back and knees. The hill that I had to stop at least three times when I climbed it prior to Buteyko, I can now climb to the top at a fast pace and not have to spend time to recover. It seems that on cloudy and cloudy, hot days that it is more of a challenge to climb than other days. I can usually feel somewhat of a strain in my breathing but not so that I pant or am so out of breath when I get to the top that I need time to recover.

My husband read on the internet that people who have taken Buteyko don’t seem to perform significantly higher on lung test than before they took the course. I tried my peak flow meter. I blew 450 which is about the highest that I achieved when on maintenance medicine before. More of the time I was at 425 or 400. So I am doing as well or better now without medication than I was before on medication if you can trust the peak flow meter results. I have not used medication since two years ago this past Christmas. I have also been able to safely halve my blood pressure medicine and eliminate medicine to regulate my heartbeat.