IAOBP | Diana Petrie, Cape Town, South Africa - IAOBP

One year ago I was desperate. I have chronic emphysema, and was constantly gasping for air. The slightest exertion (eg climbing as few as 5 stairs) caused further gasping, and usually resulted in a panic attack. I was on three different inhalers which I used at intervals throughout the day. Winter was a nightmare, one bout of pneumonia or bronchitis after the other. The future was bleak, and my condition was worsening rapidly.

One day I came across the Buteyko method on the internet, and then my Practitioner, Jac Vidgen. (I was unable to locate a practitioner in South Africa). Jac has very kindly and very patiently taught me to breathe correctly via e-mail. I have not looked back. Within six months my husband and I went to China for a months holiday. My medication has reduced to one inhaler, which I use only at nightand in the morning. My general health has improved dramatically. Where before I was the colour of cheese, I now have rosy cheeks. People are always commenting on how well I look. Jac is a wizard. He says it is the Buteyko method, and yes it is. But it is he who has trained me and encouraged me, and is always there when I need him. I will always be grateful to him for giving me quality of life.